EV-Charging Station System
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Finally an EV-Charging Station System without annoying memberships or complicated authentication!

The next generation EV-Charging Station System is now available with free choice of your electricity supplier.
Designed for energy suppliers, municipalities, companies and private buildings or residential areas.
Available as a stand-alone product or you can also participate in our partnership model.

The EV-Charging Station System LRM16 is the first system in which you can easily pay with your NFC - debit card , ATM card or credit card . This system is designed for companies, utilities and municipalities that want to offer their customers the charging service in the future.

Cooperative solutions, in which the common operation of the e-charging stations is implemented, are also possible. «Technically we have gone a step further, as the EV-Charging Station System LRM16 is designed as a stand-alone solution, and therefore requires no cloud connectivity.»

As the central control unit is separated from the individual charging points, it is also the only system that allows you to subsequently retrofit charging points easily and inexpensively or even more important, to complement the charging points by future charging modes.

The LRM16 is a load control management system, consisting of the charging unit and the measuring module.

The charging unit is the heart or rather the brain of the charging system and takes over the charging stations management. The LRM16 charging station is specially developed by AAE-Hydro Solar and includes both the major hardware and software components which regulates the charging stations, gives feedback to a remote maintenance system and is the paying agent for the customers.

To charge the electric vehicles, charging stations with a connector are needed. These charging stations can also be supplied by us.

Especially interesting for companies and municipalities:

The charging system contains a complete load management, so that depending on the customer, the system regulates the charging capacity of all connected charging points or can be also regulate from the free connection capacity of the building.

Especially interesting for energy suppliers and operators with multiple installations:

For customers who wish to build a larger charging infrastructure, we have made provisions. The integrated software was designed that the data can be transferred into a higher level control room system, which is able to help the customer on-site with their questions or on errors.

Through the integration in a control room system, the load management can take place across all connected charging points, which is especially interesting for EVUs. «As there are no matured charger products on the market, which are future proof, we have developed our own technical solution for this.»

«Engineering, maintenance, software and remote monitoring of the EV-Charging Stations originate from our own company» explained Roland Klauss. (Winner of the environmental Oscars Daphne 2014 Technical Research & Development)

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The design of the charging station can be customized.

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The inscription is currently available in German, English, Italian and Slovenian.
The examples refer to the LRM15 model.

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